What is Your Job? — 3 Comments

  1. What an interesting post Tom.

    ‘I am a scientist’. Wow! I really like that :)

    I think the same question has been asked of many of us in L&D especially when we don’t do any ‘formal classroom training’ that most people associate with L&D.

    I also try to keep improving my response and make them more closer to the real work rather than my designation or job title.

    I am with JD in that you’d often hear me say – I design learning experiences that help people do their jobs more effectively. It is a mouthful but that’s what I do.

    But not everyone who asked me the question is ready for that answer. So, sometimes, I just say ‘learning designer’ or ‘performance consultant’ and start explaining if they are interested!

  2. I’m a “training manager” ;)

    And I’m a scientist too! Graduated with a BSc and spent a couple of formative years in the environmental science sector.

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