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  1. I haven’t seen the Apple Watch in person yet but unless is slim and streamlined, I call nerd. I don’t want a huge bulky piece of equipment on my wrist, I did away with wrist watches well over a decade ago.

    For me, it’s a wait and see. I won’t be getting one either way but can’t judge for myself if they’re ‘nerd nerd’ or ‘cool nerd’ until I’ve had a chance to weight their technological benefit with the fact I’d have something on my wrist.

    I do think Apple made the right bet that wearable tech won’t overtake the smartphone though. Seem Google Glass figured it would take over the smartphone which shows in that it doesn’t tie in well with a smartphone and is built to be stand-alone.

    I still stand by my statement about wearable tech in that “it’s in our future, but it’s not the future” ( which is exactly where Apple is headed with the Apple Watch.

    I really need to revisit that post from well over a year ago now that there are a lot more watches out there and Google Glass seems to be just a niche device.

    • Thanks for the comment, Nick. I would love to read your updated thoughts. With the departure of Glass developers from Google, Glass’ fate seems inevitable. But I do see things a bit differently; it’s the smartphone that I see evolving into less of a communication handset and more of an Internet access device. I note we already have numerous audio input/output devices to replace the handset features of the smartphone, and these are the reasons I may move to the largest smartphone I can get at my next upgrade, or even opt for a tablet instead, if the wearable tech fits well into my work behaviors. Like you, I don’t see these wearables becoming standalone devices anytime soon. I do see multiple devices, serving a variety of purposes, connecting through my personal network access point. I imagine even the touch-sensitive display could become a peripheral in the not-too-distant future.

      Be sure to let me know when you write your update.

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