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  1. I can’t think of a better word to describe what we need for ourselves and what we should expect in our PLN. As you and have discussed in the past, integrity also refers to being up-front in your dealings as well as being consistent. Of course, the false perception of integrity isn’t that someone’s actions agree or align with yours. (Think of a Defense Attorney: you may not like what they’re doing, but you can bet it is being done with integrity.) How we choose to empathize with that for greater understanding is what builds integrity in ourselves.

    • I do wonder about those who do not deliberately mislead, but subconsciously manipulate. Some want to fit in and say what they think others want to hear. That may be initially difficult to distinguish from those who are not expert but with good intention contribute to conversations to learn more. Others may steer conversations their way, while others pretend to listen and even agree while not really hearing what’s been said. There are also those who take disagreement personally, as if it’s offensive. Honest disagreement should be an opportunity for learning. I think these people are genuinely unaware they’re doing this. The good news is that we often recognize something isn’t quite right, these people are not integral, even though they may see themselves as such.

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